10 Makeup Looks to Ring in the New Year

Another year has gone by, and with it, the year’s sparkliest celebration has, too. Whether you party-hopped or rang in 2022 from the comfort of your couch, I’m convinced one thing is for certain: the shimmer, glitz, and glam that come with celebrating a New Year shouldn’t be limited to just one day! If you’re still in the spirit of celebration, check out ten makeup looks below to help you rock New Year's Eve glam all January long!

1. Blush Contour: Arguably *the* viral makeup trend of 2021, the blush contour might push you out of your comfort zone. Instead of applying a highlighter to your cheekbones, use a vibrant blush – in a coral, playful pink, or deep plum – instead. And if you’re really feeling this pop of color, add some to the ball of your nose or your eyelids!
2. Colored Eyeliner: Colored eyeliner cycled back into trend in 2021, and we’re taking it with us in 2022 – it's too fun not to! Apply colored eyeliner to your upper or lower lash line for an eye-catching look that’s celebrating-appropriate all year long.
3. Glossy Eyelids: Thought that clear lip gloss was just for your lips? Think again – put some on your finger and apply it to your eyelids for a shiny look that will last. And if you’re worried about it being sticky, check out these glossy cream pigments made to side-step a sticky mess.
4. Subtle Shimmer: Sparkles never go out of style. Consider adding a subtle shimmer by picking a shade that’s close to your skin tone. Apply it directly to your eyelid and blend it out towards your crease.
5. Full-face Highlighter: Lean into the sparkle and shine by choosing your favorite highlighter and applying it to your eyelids, cheekbones, and the bridge of your nose for a dewy and shiny look sure to catch the light all night long.
6. Big Sparkles: Or skip the small sparkles and go for the big ones. Buy some larger glitter or rhinestones from the craft store and glue them on however you’d like – on your upper lash line, the inner and outer corners of your eyes, or on your temples are just a few fun ideas!
7. Halo Eyeshadow: Halo eyeshadow refers to applying a darker eyeshadow to the inner and outer edges of your eyelid, then dabbing a light, shimmery eyeshadow on the center of your eyelid and crease.
8. Classic Smokey Eye: In terms of makeup looks, the classic smokey eye is timeless and reliable. You can create a smokey eye with nearly any darker eyeshadow color by applying the shadow to the crease and blending it onto your lower lid and out towards your temple.
9. Graphic Eyeliner: If you’re really looking to challenge your makeup skills in the New Year, consider trying out one of these graphic eyeliner looks.
10. Holographic Eyeshadow: Like its glittery counterparts, but even better. A holographic eyeshadow will have you looking radiant all night long.

With all of these looks, consider popping on a pair of our signature magnetic lashes–they’re sure to amplify any festive New Year’s look you’ve created!

There are countless ways to create makeup looks that best accompany your bold magnetic lashes. At the end of the day – or night – how you feel is just as important as how you look, and we hope our lashes will have you feeling your best in 2022!

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