10 Ways to Feel More Beautiful

Some days, we wake up in the morning not feeling our best. We’re not sick in the traditional sense; maybe just a bit down in the dumps, not in the mood for the day ahead. And when our mental state is bad, it’s hard to feel good; even more so, it’s hard to feel beautiful.

But we deserve to feel beautiful, inside and out, every day. Knowing that the person you are, even on your worst days, has something unique and beautiful to offer the world and the people around you can help you overcome those off-days and the bad moods that come with them.

Most of all, feeling beautiful does not mean investing hours into getting ready in the morning. There’s no need to pack on makeup or fix your hair if you aren’t feeling up to it.

Here are 10 tips that can help you feel beautiful everyday:

1) Stand up tall: Standing up tall–or sitting–can make you feel more confident in an instant. If you’ve ever done a “power pose” before a test, job interview, or a meeting, you might be familiar with this phenomenon.

2) Refrain from judgement: When we aren’t feeling our best, it’s easy to levy judgement on ourselves and others. Refrain from issuing judgements on your off days, focusing instead on positive feelings of acceptance and appreciation.

3) Remind yourself what you love about you: Regardless of how you may be feeling, your positive attributes that you expressed the day before are still there. Remind yourself of something you like about yourself–you’ll be surprised how it enhances your mood.

4) Smile: Folks hate hearing it but flashing a quick smile to yourself or others is scientifically proven to boost your mood, and hopefully make you feel more beautiful.

5) Take a deep breath: Every now and then, remind yourself to take a large inhale and exhale throughout the day. Deep, slow breaths can help you feel more at ease.

6) Express gratitude: Reminding yourself to remain grateful, even for the smallest things in your life, can be a fantastic way to boost your spirits. When you wake up in the morning, consider writing drown three things about your life that you are grateful for in efforts to beat bad spirits every day.

7) Stretch it out: Alongside the power pose, consider doing ten minutes of light-stretching to help you get in touch with your body as you start your day. Then, remind yourself of how beautiful it is to be able to have and move your body in a way that makes you feel better.

8) Choose comfortable clothing: Sometimes ill-fitting or tight clothing can make us feel worse about ourselves on a day when we already aren’t feeling our best. Choose clothing that is comfortable to minimize any pre-existing discomfort.

9) Don’t compare yourself to others: On days when we aren’t feeling our most beautiful, it can be easy to lean in and acknowledge any shortcomings or flaws we think we have. Give yourself a reality check: remind yourself that you are doing the best you can, and that your best is perfectly good enough.

10) Lean on others: Remember what friends and family are for on days when you aren’t feeling your best; lean on those you trust to lift you up. Odds are, they’ll remind you of exactly why you should feel beautiful every day.

We know sometimes there are problems that a pair of lashes can’t solve, and that’s okay! Our mission at Magnetic Mom Lash is to have you feeling your best, even when lashes aren’t the answer. We hope these ten tips will keep you feeling beautiful, even on days when you don’t.

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