5 Minute Makeup Routine for the Busy Mom

Work. Kids. Keeping up with the house. Keeping up with yourself…or your spouse! As a busy mom, these are the things that…well, keep us busy! Sometimes (all of the time), it's hard to find five minutes in the morning to prioritize yourself and put on a touch of makeup. And it's even harder to nail down a routine that will withstand the day!

To that we say: bring it on! We’ve put our thinking caps on, done our research, and stress-tested the five-minute makeup routine below, and quite frankly, the average mom’s daily routine is no match! Read on for our favorite five-minute makeup routine for the busy mom.

1. Roll, baby, roll: If you’re no stranger to waking up with *designer* bags under your eyes, consider adding jade rolling to your morning routine. You can grab one online for ~$20 or less and pop it in your fridge or freezer for a cooling effect. This is a great and relaxing way to de-puff your under eyes and the rest of your face before applying any makeup.
2. Conceal those imperfections: Next, grab your concealer and take care of any prevalent spots or dark circles. Use a beauty blender or brush to create a well-blended foundation.
3. The magic of tinted moisturizer: The key to this quick routine is killing two birds with one stone, and tinted moisturizer is the perfect way to do just that. There are tons of tinted moisturizers on the market that serve a variety of purposes: for instance, do you struggle with redness? Dryness? Do you sunburn easily? Or maybe you just want to consistently achieve that natural glow? Trust us, there is a tinted moisturizer that is right for you. Check out this article for info on the best tinted moisturizers out there.
4. B&B (Brows and Blush): This next step is two-in-one, a grab and go, a pick and choose. Take a minute or two to fill in your brows via your method of choice–a tinted gel is one of our favorites, as it creates a natural, full brow look that promises to last all day. Then, swipe on your favorite blush–powder or cream–though we promise cream will blend quite well into that tinted moisturizer you just applied. Check out this article for some of our favorites.
Bonus step: To maximize hold, apply a light dusting of powder and seal with a setting spray.
5. Pop on a pair of magnetic mom lashes to finish off the look. Our Level 1 lashes are perfect for your everyday look–just swipe on a coat of magnetic liner, let it dry for about 30 seconds, place the lashes on top, and you’re good to go!
If you can spare five minutes for yourself tomorrow morning, consider trying out the above tips. You’d be surprised how a bit of self-care can boost your mood for the rest of the day! And of course, consider finishing your new routine by popping on a pair of our magnetic mom lashes. Magnetic Mom Lashes are natural-looking, cruelty-free, reusable, and most of all...fun! We hope you’ll consider sprucing up your makeup routine with our fantastic magnetic lashes – check out all our products today.

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