6 Tips for Mastering a “Makeup-Free” Look

As someone who regularly wears makeup, looking and feeling confident without it can seem like an acquired skill – and impervious task only meant for those who are born with “perfect” this, that, or the other feature. But a wise woman once said that beauty grows from within – that looking and feeling confident without makeup on starts within yourself.

Mastering a great makeup-free look that will have you feeling and looking your best even on your worst days comes with a host of benefits. For one, skipping your makeup routine could offer you extra time and energy in the form of a few extra minutes to snooze in the morning. You also might notice clearer skin, as you’re applying less product on your face that could potentially clog your pores and cause acne. And once you feel confident in how you look without makeup on, you're less likely to let beauty blunders get in the way of your everyday life.

But the best secret to mastering a “no makeup” look is using the power of products that enhance your natural features. Here are six great tips for mastering your no makeup look:

1. Moisturize Day & Night – A moisturized foundation is a sturdy one. Dry skin can make you appear dull and tired, whereas dewy, moisturized skin will keep you looking bright and lively all day long. Make sure you’re applying an SPF-inclusive moisturizer in the morning to protect your skin when you go outside, and a heavier formula at night to ensure you’re waking up fresh-faced each morning.

2. Conceal Strategically – If you have imperfections you’d prefer to cover up, conceal them strategically. Apply a bit to your under eyes or any blemishes that you'd like to cover up with a small flat brush, then finish with a light dusting of translucent powder.

3. Apply Cream-Based Products – Cream-based products are great for blending when you’re going foundation free. Instead of sitting on top of your skin, they have a lotion-like consistency that will blend in perfectly with your skin’s natural moisture content. Consider adding a cream-based eye shadow or blush in a nude color to enhance your natural complexion – or add some color if you feel your skin could use a pop of brightness.

4. Swipe On a Lip Tint – Adding a hint of color to your lips with a lip tint or colored lip balm will add a gorgeous, natural pop of color. A tinted lip balm or waxy stain requires way less effort and upkeep than your average lipstick, while still adding color to your face.

5. Groom Your Brows – Grooming your brows provides shape to your face. Consider using a clear or tinted brow gel to brush your brows up and away from your face.

6. Add Some Lashes – When you want that “your lashes but better look,” consider reaching for a great pair of our Magnetic Mom Lashes. Our Level 1 lashes offer a subtle boost to your lashes that’s appropriate for days where you just don’t feel like – or don’t need to – put on a full face. Even better, they’re the perfect starter lash if you’re new to wearing magnetic lashes all-together.

Knowing how to strategically apply products can help you create a fantastic “no-makeup” look for everyday – and Magnetic Mom Lashes are here to help. Magnetic Mom Lashes are natural-looking, cruelty-free, reusable and most of all...fun! We hope you’ll consider sprucing up your makeup routine with our fantastic magnetic lashes – check out all our products today!

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