Creating A Low Maintenance Lash Routine

While there is–and always will be–a need for big and bold beauty looks, most days we just want to look pretty and pulled together before heading out the door. That’s where your signature makeup looks come into play–the one that has become so habitual you could do it with your eyes closed and is perfect for every occasion.

But what if that routine could be even more straightforward, or save you more time in the morning to take care of yourself or your family before you go about the day? With Magnetic Mom Lashes, we think it can. Magnetic Mom Lashes are easy to apply, clean, and guarantee a smudge-proof eye makeup look that will last all day long. Read on for five simple steps to creating a low-maintenance makeup routine with the help of our signature magnetic lashes.

1) Apply your signature everyday base: Most folks have an everyday base makeup routine that works for them–and that might be no base at all! Whether you’re a simple moisturizer and go gal or prefer a touch of foundation, start this look by applying your favored base makeup.

2) Add your favored pops of color and finishing touches: After completing the base layer, go ahead and add on your eyebrows, blush, highlighter, lipstick, eyeshadow, or whatever products you incorporate into your everyday routine. Hold off on applying any eyeliner or mascara.

3) Add a swipe of our signature magnetic liner: Now for the fun part: add a swipe of our signature magnetic eyeliner in your preferred style. However, note that wherever you place the liner is where the lashes will stick, so make sure you’re applying from the inner to the outer corner. Then, allow at least thirty seconds for the liner to dry.

4) Pop on your favorite pair of magnetic lashes: Whether you prefer a more lightweight and dainty pair or a bolder everyday look, go ahead and place the lashes on top of the magnetic liner. 

5) Get up and go–and make sure you clean your lashes later: Now, you’re ready to go! When it's time to take off your makeup for the day, make sure you spend a few minutes cleaning your lashes, rubbing off any excess liner or debris with a cotton swab. That way, your lashes are good to go when it's time to start your routine again tomorrow morning!

Magnetic lashes can make achieving your desired lash look easy on an everyday basis. From natural wispies to bold and beautiful, Magnetic Mom Lashes are an easy addition to your daily makeup routine. Better yet, they’re cruelty-free, reusable, and most of! We hope you’ll consider sprucing up your daily makeup routine with our fantastic magnetic lashes – check out all our products today.

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