Feeling Beautiful Throughout Breast Cancer Treatment

Receiving a breast cancer diagnosis and undergoing chemotherapy is an incredibly difficult burden for women to bear–and its one we share at Magnetic Mom lash. As I was designing our magnetic lashes, a childhood friend of mine shared her cancer diagnosis, leading me to wonder why there were no eyelash replacement products specifically for women undergoing chemotherapy.

A few months later, my friend passed, leaving behind her two young daughters to carry-on her legacy of optimism and positivity. In honor of her, a portion of every one of our sales goes to our lash gifting program, which donates free lashes to cancer patients–and we are actively working towards making donated lashes available in all 50 states.

All women deserve to feel beautiful–especially those experiencing breast cancer and undergoing treatment. And though everyone’s definition of the word differs, Magnetic Mom Lash wants women who experience eyelash-loss due to chemotherapy to have options just like everyone else–because we believe that sometimes, the small things can make a world of difference.

Here are a few beauty tips for those experiencing breast cancer or undergoing chemotherapy treatment:

  • Focus on how you feel: It goes without saying that cancer and chemotherapy take a toll on women’s physical and mental health. How you’ll feel from day to day will vary. Take a moment to check-in with yourself every morning–and consider practicing positive affirmations to try to maintain a good frame of mind. It won’t always work, and you won’t always feel up to it–but it never hurts to try when you’re feeling up to it.
  • Less is more: Consider developing a scaled-back, simple skincare and makeup routine when undergoing cancer treatment. Stick to the basics–washing your face and applying the all-important moisturizer and sunblock. To enhance product effectiveness and create a finished look, apply a light, long-wear primer.
  • Create a foundation that helps you look and feel like yourself: Cancer treatment can cause skin discoloration. It can be hard to look in the mirror and not recognize what you see. If you’re struggling with skin discoloration, consider using a color-correcting concealer or foundation. Simple products like these can help you look and feel a bit more like yourself on a day-to-day basis.
  • Get your lashes back: If you want to still feel sexy and feminine, try out a pair of our magnetic, reusable Magnetic Mom Lashes. They come in variety of lengths and levels of fullness, and might help you look and feel a bit more like yourself throughout a difficult time.
Experiencing cancer and undergoing chemotherapy is a different experience for all patients. Skincare and makeup routines aside, Magnetic Mom Lash strives to uplift breast cancer patients and survivors by providing a practical option for eyelashes. We hope you find these tips helpful–for more information on our lash gifting program, click here.

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