Giving the Gift of Lashes During Breast Cancer Awareness Month

As many know, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Every year, this annual campaign is held to raise awareness about the impact that breast cancer has on people across the world. Though advances in science and technology, healing, and recovery are all worth celebrating during October, it is also a time to mourn new diagnoses and those we have lost to breast cancer throughout our lives.

Any person’s battle with breast cancer promises difficulty and change. Hair loss due to the harshness of chemotherapy on the body is a very common side effect – but folks may fail to acknowledge the loss of eyebrows and eyelashes, as well.

This issue is one near and dear to our founder Stephanie’s heart. During the lash design process, her childhood friend "M" shared her breast cancer diagnosis. Immediately, she thought: "Why are there no eyelash replacement products on the market?” And because of this, she set out to provide lash replacements to cancer patients in need by creating Magnetic Mom Lash’s lash replacement line.

Through the “M” lash gifting program, individuals can gift one pair of magnetic lashes to a cancer patient to help them feel beautiful while they undergo treatment and recovery from cancer. Along with the purchase, magnetic eyeliner is provided complimentary by Magnetic Mom Lash.

A few months after sharing her diagnosis, Stephanie received the devastating news of "M’s” passing, leaving behind two adorable young girls to carry on her power-of-positivity legacy. In her honor, a portion of every sale goes to our "M" Lash gifting program, which gives free lashes to cancer patients.

10% of every sale goes to Magnetic Mom Lash’s gifting fund and is redistributed to gift program recipients across New Mexico and Nebraska. You can check out the current list of cancer program participants here. Currently, Magnetic Mom Lash is focusing on operating the program locally, but we hope to spread to more areas across the country. You can follow us on Instagram and Facebook to see the most current donation information. Additionally, we are always open to suggestions – if you’d like to recommend a cancer program for donation, please email our founder Stephanie at

During Breast Cancer Awareness month, we must lift up those battling breast cancer in our lives with our love and acknowledgment. If you know someone battling breast cancer, we hope you’ll consider giving them the means to feel a bit more like themselves with a pair of our natural-looking “M” magnetic lashes. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at

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