How to Clean and Maintain Your Magnetic Lashes

Picture this: you’ve finally jumped on the magnetic lash train. Life is good because you look great – whether you’ve updated your everyday look with a pair of our Level One lashes or taken your nighttime look to the next level with our Level 3’s, your magnetic lashes have got you looking fresh and fine as ever.

But after a few wears, you may have noticed that they’ve gotten…a little out of sorts. Whether just sprinkled with powder or caked in eyeshadow, we’ve got tips for you to keep your magnetic mom lashes nice and clean and ready-to-wear whenever you need them:


Take them off carefully

Before you rip those lashes clean off, remember the more you put them through, the faster they’ll stop working, as aggressive removal attacks each of the magnetic bonds in the lashes individually. As opposed to just pulling them off your eyes, take them off gently: remove them from the sides, pulling gently from one corner to the other and down towards your mouth. See here for a demonstration of this simple technique.


Clean them gently

Though it may seem unnecessary to clean magnetic lashes, it is important to maintain your hygiene and the lifespan of your lashes. When cleaning your lashes, use a non-oil makeup remover, like micellar water, and a cotton swab to gently swipe and remove the magnetic eyeliner from your lashes. However, don’t submerge them in remover, cleaner, or water – using liquids in excess can damage your lashes. It is a lot easier to clean magnetic lashes as opposed to glue-on lashes; all you need to do is swipe!


Clean them often

It is recommended to clean your lashes every two uses. Though they may seem clean, things like dust, eyeliner, and makeup can accumulate after every use. Removing these particles assures none of them could cause an infection and that your lashes are ready-to-go for your next use.

Cleaning your magnetic lashes is simple. Once you’ve got your lash cleaning routine down pat, you’re ready to maximize wear of each pair. Users who clean their lashes regularly can get up to 30 uses out of one pair! Magnetic Mom Lashes look great on your eyes and feel good for your wallet!

Magnetic Mom Lashes are natural-looking, cruelty-free, reusable and most of! We hope you’ll consider sprucing up your makeup routine with our fantastic magnetic lashes – check out all our products today!

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