Makeup Looks for Blue Eyes

Blue eyes are perhaps the most widely admired. Only eight percent of the world’s population has blue eyes, making blue-eyed guys and gals extra special. While they can be found all over the world, they are frequently found from nationalities located near the Baltic Sea in northern Europe. And according to researchers at the University of Copenhagen, it appears that a genetic mutation in a single individual in Europe 6,000 to 10,000 years ago led to the development of blue eyes.

There’s no denying that blue eyes are oh-so-special–and knowing how to play them up with makeup can really make them pop. Read our suggestions for the best makeup looks for blue eyes!

1. Create an everyday look with shades of brown: Blue-eyed babes can create a look they’ll keep coming back to with shades of brown. Though it may seem basic, the contrast between brown and light blue can really make your eyes pop. Consider a warm brown or deep espresso to create two different looks and add a pair of our level 1 lashes to complete the look without overwhelming it.

2. Amp things up with shades of orange: Now it may sound bold, but shades of orange, from coral to peach, will contrast with the color of your blue eyes and make them shine. Regardless of the shade, consider blending a light peach shadow on the eyelid, and follow up with a deeper version to line the eyes, and consider popping on a pair of our level 2 lashes to finish the look.

3. Sparkle with silver: Using a sparkly silver eyeshadow or eyeliner is almost guaranteed to make your blue eyes stand out. It’s also one of the easiest–and most fun–makeup looks to master. Overstated or subdued, adding sparkle to your makeup look with silver will have your blue eyes looking and you feeling your best. Finish out the look with a pair of our level 3 lashes to make your eyes pop and your shadow shine!
With or without makeup, one thing is certain–everyone out there with gorgeous baby blues is a lucky guy or gal–blue eyes are impressive all on their own without any makeup at all! However, it's easy to overshadow them–we hope you find insight in the tips above and consider adding a pair of Magnetic Mom Lashes to complete the look.
Magnetic Mom Lashes are natural-looking, cruelty-free, reusable, and most of! We hope you’ll consider sprucing up your makeup routine with our fantastic magnetic lashes – check out all our products today!

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