Makeup Tips to Make Your Green Eyes Glow

Green eyes are the rarest eye color in the world, as only two percent of people naturally have green eyes. The color is caused by a lack of melanin in the iris and is a result of how light reflects on the eye. Knowing this can be helpful when applying makeup–after all, with those stunning and rare green eyes, you don’t want to choose products that compete with your super-special eye color! Check out our three makeup tips for green eyes below!

  • Use neutrals for a subtle look: It's always wise to have a solid neutral makeup look in your arsenal for every day. Matte or glossy, consider popping a shade on your lid that is slightly lighter or darker than your actual eye color–click here for some suggestions. Or, skip the black eyeliner for a slate grey or brown for a less intense daily look. Then, add a pair of our level 1 lashes to complete the look without overwhelming it.
  • Add some sparkle: The best way to elevate an everyday or neutral look is with a bit of sparkle. Shades of gold can liven up green eyes–consider a gold liner or a gold shadow in the corner of your eye to make your eyes pop. Additionally, consider a warm highlighter on your cheekbones - the right shade on top of a great peach blush can make your green eyes glisten just as well as an eyeliner or eyeshadow can. Consider popping on a pair of our level 2 lashes to finish the look.
  • Go for purples, pinks, and reds to make your green eyes pop: For this last look, consult your color wheel! Shades of red or pink are guaranteed to make your green eyes glow–and shades of purple are likely to do the same. Check out this article for some ideas–and of course, finish out the look with a pair of our level 3 lashes to make your eyes pop and your shadow shine!

Given how rare green eyes are, consider playing them up with neutrals, sparkles, or pops of complementary or contrasting colors. Whether you do or not, there is no denying that green-eyed gals have some of the most coveted features in the world!

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