Taking Your Makeup from Day to Night

Many of us are making our way back into our respected work or public spaces daily. Given the extended hiatus from “normalcy,” your daily routine has changed quite a bit. We traded business casual for comfier clothes and makeup for…well, no makeup!

We’ve got you covered–if you’re looking to get back in touch with a makeup routine that you can easily transition from day to night, read on for our best tips:

1) Create a solid foundation: Whether you’re a tinted moisturizer with a touch of powder or a full-face foundation kind of girl, it's crucial to create a base that will last all day. Check out this article for some of the best ranked long-wear foundations to choose one that best suits you.

2) Have touch-up materials on hand: If you’re prone to oily skin, the events of the day might leave you a little shiny. To combat oily skin and preserve your face makeup, touch up with an oil-trapping mattifying powder or your powder of choice.

3) Go easy on the eyes: Unless you’re an expert, eye makeup can be hard to preserve for the entirety of the day–and a nighttime look is rarely especially appropriate for daytime. Our best advice is to start with a simple eye makeup look in the morning–a touch of one or two shades of a nude or sparkly shadow and a bit of eyeliner or mascara. That way, later in the day, you can build upon the foundation you’ve created with a more dramatic liner look or lash!

4) Add pops of color: Take your makeup from day to night by adding bold pops of color, either to your cheeks, lips, or eyes. Our favorite way to do this on the go is with a compact and easy-to-carry multi-stick tool that you can wear as blush, lipstick, or eyeshadow. Check out some of the top-rated multi-sticks on the market.

5) Go for a bold lash: We might be a bit biased, but our favorite way to take any look from day to night is to add a bold set of lashes. We have two pairs made for an all-day makeup look: the “Boss Mom,” which are long and wispy, but still natural-looking, and the “Friday,” which are just light enough for all-day wear and full enough to transition expertly for happy hour or a much-needed date night!

With a few simple steps, you can easily take any look from day to night–and Magnetic Mom Lashes help make the process that much easier! Magnetic Mom Lashes are natural-looking, cruelty-free, reusable, and most of all...fun! We hope you’ll consider sprucing up your makeup routine with our fantastic magnetic lashes – check out all our products today.

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