Tips for Creating a Natural Lash Look

Falsies are often only a consideration for formal makeup looks. Celebrations that warrant bold attire and a full face of makeup seem like the best time to pop on a pair of fake lashes – but the right pair of fake lashes can be great for those everyday natural looks, as well!

Natural makeup looks – and a great natural-looking pair of lashes – are an accessory that will never go out of style. Better yet, as the temperatures rise, so does the likelihood that heavy makeup will smudge or wear away when you step outside. That’s what makes our magnetic lashes fantastic – they’re perfect for everyday wear, reusable, and will keep you looking fresh and fabulous, rain or shine.

Check out our best tips below for creating a natural lash look:

  • Choose a less dense, shorter magnetic lash: For a lash that pairs well with a lighter- or no-makeup day, pick a set of magnetic lashes that’s more understanded. Less dense and shorter lashes will accentuate your natural lashes and features, making for a fabulous everyday look. Check out our Level 1 lashes for an assortment of lashes that are great for day-to-day wear or for beginners.
  • Stick to three products total: In crafting your look, consider sticking to three products to best accentuate your natural features. Consider adding a small touch of eyeshadow or blush that makes your skin tone or eye color subtly pop. Check out this article to figure out what eyeshadow color best complements your eye color, or this article to figure out your best blush color.
  • Highlight what you love: The most important part of crafting a natural look is accentuating your best feature: you! If you prefer a touch of moisturizer or a bare face on your natural-looking days, then put down the powder brush. If adding a bit of blush, lip color, or filling in your brows is your favorite accompaniment to your falsies, then go for it! Doing what makes you feel most comfortable – and most beautiful – will help you create a stress-free natural look that you’ll always want to return to.

When you want that “your lashes but better look,” consider reaching for a great pair of our Magnetic Mom Lashes. Our Level 1 lashes offer a subtle boost to your lashes that’s appropriate for days where you just don’t feel like – or don’t need to – put on a full face. Even better, they’re the perfect starter lash if you’re new to wearing magnetic lashes all-together.

In need of a refresh on how to apply? Check out our FAQ page for a full intro to Magnetic Mom Lashes, and feel free to contact us with any questions or inquiries!

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