Why You Need to Add Magnetic Lashes to Your Makeup Routine

Still wrestling with pesky glue-on lashes, or piling on layers of mascara to get that full-lash look only for it to flake off in an hour? We get it–just like you, we love long and full lashes–but we moved on from falsies and coating our lashes with mascara a long time ago–and we’re here to share our secrets.

Unlike traditional falsies, magnetic lashes offer a host of benefits–and can help you avoid a variety of issues that are associated with your glue-on lashes of the past. Most notably, they’re safe, great for sensitive eyes, and reusable, so you can get longer, fuller lashes all the time without breaking your bank. Need more convincing? Read on–we’ll promise you’ll be tossing your old falsies in the bin before the end of the article.

● Safe: Magnetic lashes are incredibly safe to use and could help you avoid infections that are associated with traditional lash extensions or false lashes. Take it from the experts–in an interview with Good Housekeeping, Dr. Elise Brisco shared that “magnetic eyelashes are better than using traditional false eye lashes because you don’t need to apply glue close to the eye area.” But of course, to be as safe as possible, make sure you read the directions on the package, remove your lashes before going to bed, and never ever share them with a friend.
● Great for Sensitive Eyes: Because magnetic lashes don’t require glue, they are a great alternative to those that might be sensitive or allergic to ingredients traditionally included in glue, like ethyl cyanoacrylate or parabens, as these ingredients are known to cause skin initiation. As an alternative, our Magnetic Mom Lashes use magnetic eyeliner to secure lashes to your eyelid–keeping your makeup routine simple and safe.
● Reusable: Best of all, magnetic lashes are reusable. Because of their durability, you can easily get more than one wear out of a pair of our Magnetic Mom Lashes. And if you take care of them well–which means cleaning them gently with a bit of soap and warm water after wearing, they could last quite a while. Check out these videos to learn more about the durability of our lashes and all the options they offer.

Magnetic Mom Lashes are natural-looking, cruelty-free, reusable, and most of all...fun! We hope you’ll consider sprucing up your makeup routine with our fantastic magnetic lashes – check out all our products today!

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