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Calling ALL Moms!
Dog moms, plant moms, grand-moms, etc!


Life is too busy and you’re the BUSIEST one of all! 

  • You find yourself yearning for a chance to earn a REAL income on your own terms without sacrificing your other priorities and responsibilities

  • You're TOO busy with way too many TASKS

  • You’re struggling to find ways to WORK (or make extra $$$) AND you’re juggling your own personal passions, business dreams, and family life. 

  • You find yourself WISHING for a way to contribute financially without sacrificing precious time with your loved ones or compromising your personal pursuits. 

  • You're eager to make a MEANINGFUL income that not only supports your family but also provides the resources necessary to fuel your own dreams—whether it's starting a business, pursuing a hobby, traveling, or investing in personal growth.

  • The daily GRIND leaves you feeling stuck and unfulfilled, yearning for an opportunity that aligns with your values and offers the flexibility and independence you crave.

  • You want to break FREE from the limitations of traditional employment and find a path that allows you to prioritize your family while still achieving financial success.

    At Magnetic Mom Lash, we get it!

    You deserve an opportunity to make a meaningful income while maintaining a fulfilling lifestyle. Without the CRINGE-INESS of other sales teams you’ve tried before. Been there, done that, no thank you! 

    That's why we're thrilled to offer you the AMAZING chance to become a Freelancer with Magnetic Mom Lash.

    As a Freelancer, you'll have the flexibility to work on your own schedule, making
    $$$ that can be used to fuel your personal passions, travel adventures, business aspirations, and provide for your family. 

    Think of Magnetic Mom Lash as the TOOL to empower you to pursue YOUR personal dreams and goals. 

    When you join our community of passionate and motivated women you get:

    1. VIP Personal coaching from our Founder

    2. Business building training that ACTUALLY works 

    3. Tools and resources needed to KICK butt in your business 

    4. FREEDOM to apply your training to other businesses or projects you want to create

    5. Vegan, cruelty-free & sustainable eyelash products that practically SELL themselves

    6. FAMILY of women to encourage you along on your journey


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